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We live in a rare and interesting time of uncertainty, doubt, and apprehension. In a few decades’ time, we have gone from expectation of continued well-being and financial security to stagnant wages, ruthless home bank foreclosures, and fear of lives cut short through senseless violence. Our cherished values seem under attack from every side and the institutions that formed the bedrock of our lives seem to be crumbling under our very feet. Just when the stakes have never been higher, American citizens are searching for an answer they haven’t been able to find, until now...

Community and Citizenship, Responsibility and Participation.

Author David W. Crosby gives us the answers we need in a way that calls out for action. Despite what you might see and hear on broadcast TV, the answer lies in a new understanding for the terms community and citizenship. Once Americans are prepared to participate in their world of choices and decisions, the responsibility for a new idea of community - what it means and what it means for us to take responsibility for it - comes to the fore with a new generation of citizens empowered to take the wheel and go bravely into the future together.



What you would you do if we lost power 90 days? Author David W. Crosby answers this question and much more in his first book, “The Survivor’s Handbook: What to do after the lights have gone out.” When the power goes out for an extended time, our differences no longer matter as we all face the same challenges; we need help from our neighbors just as our neighbors need our help. When the power goes out, our sense of community, citizenship, responsibility, and participation are suddenly elevated and we are eager and willing to work together.

With a background spanning in public and military service, administration, legal work, and social science, David has extensive experience building coalitions and a sense of community, demonstrating citizenship and responsibility, and actively leading and participating. He has the tools, knowledge, and good old fashioned know-how, to bring people together, motivate them to work to a common goal, and manage the competing interests of a wide range of stakeholders. Making connections and building rapport is one of David’s greatest strengths as is inspiring people to get involved and take action.

David W. Crosby’s career has progressed from the battlefield to the boardroom. He has been a respected leader, skillful planner, implementer, and trainer for the US Army. He has served the legal community as paralegal, litigation assistant, and sales representative, and now works as a sales representative for a renowned national company that does business worldwide. David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Psychology.



Our mission is to get a copy of the book - Opening Doors: Journey to Community - into the hands of every American citizen, or more specifically, get the information it contains to every American citizen.